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First, the story of the delivery...

It all started on a hot night in August 1997...wait, that's too much detail...fast forward nine months.

It all started at 10:00p on Tuesday April 28, 1998. Christy and I had put James to bed and were watching NYPD Blue on TV. Christy started having contractions. They were irregular and ten to 12 minutes apart. We decided to get some sleep. Christy awoke at 1:00a on Wednesday April 29, 1998 with much stronger contractions about seven to ten minutes apart. Her sleep was over for the evening. At around 4:00am her contractions again intensified and quickly moved from seven to five to two minute intervals. At that point we contacted the doctor and they said to head directly for the hospital. We called James' babysitter, Cathy at 4:15 and she arrived at our house at 4:30. With contractions coming one on top of the other, and horror stories about ridiculously short labor times for Chrity's mom, we were obeying few traffic laws on the way to the Hospital. Our friendly neighborhood Greenwich police officer followed us for a while and then pulled along side. We explained our urgency and he quickly gave us directions (which we didn't need) and sent us on our way.

We arrived at Greenwich Hospital feeling relieved that we had made it without delivering the baby in the car. Little did we know that there was another six hours ahead of us.

Labor went smoothly, especially after the epidural. They added a little pitocin to kick things along at around 9:00am. By 10:00am she was 4cm dialated and the Doctor, Dr. Schechter, went back to his office anticipating a few more hours of labor. By just before 11:00am, the nurse confirmed that Christy was fully dialated and ready to deliver the baby. They paged Dr. Schecter and he hurried over, also being questioned by the ever vigilant Greenwich police.

The doctor arrived at 11:05a, we(mostly Christy) pushed two or three times and a beautiful baby girl, Lauren Elizabeth Oeth, was born at 11:15am EST.

Growth Chart

Date Weight Length
April 29, 1998 (Birth) 7 lbs 9 oz 20 inches
May 4, 1998 8 lbs 4oz 20 inches
May 13, 1998 9 lbs 9oz 21.5 inches
May 29, 1998 11 lbs 10oz (off the chart) 23 inches
July 6, 1998 (2 mths) 13 lbs 8oz 25 inches
August 31, 1998 (4 mths) 15 lbs 12oz 27.5 inches
January 25, 1999 (9 mths) 21 lbs 30 inches
May 4, 1999 (1 Year) 23lbs 12 oz 31 3/4 inches


Date Age Milestone
4/29/98 - 11:30a 15 minutes First Feeding - She's a natural
12/5/98 7 Months Started Crawling
3/1/99 11 Months Started Walking
4/29/99 1 Year Walking Full Time
Talking "Dada", "dis"=this

Lauren on Mars?

Yes, it's true both Lauren and James' names will be aboard the Mars Polar Lander. See the certificate here.

Any kid can put their name on the mission here.

Find out more about the Mars Polar Lander mission.


For the Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and anyone else interested, here are the first pictures of Lauren Elizabeth Oeth.

Family Pictures '00 Lauren - Pre-birth - 19week ultrasound

Lauren - Birth 4/29/98
At Home - 5/2/98


I took a tape recorder into delivery with me and got the whole thing on tape. I though that I'd share the highlights with you...
The Dr. Schechter proclaims it's a girl(19K ~ 19 seconds at 14.4 and 8 at 28.8)
Lauren's first cry(37K ~ 37 seconds at 14.4 and 18 at 28.8)

We'll let you know more as it develops....
--Mike and Christy
Last updated April 29, 1998.