Address Book

Address Book

The address book section is online for two reasons:

  • A single repository of Oeth, Farrell, Rudman, Enerson, Harvard, Clearview, et al. friends as they move.
  • It feeds the birthday and anniversary announcement section on the home page.

The privacy of the information - especially the address, phone and e-mail information, is paramount. Therefore, the address book section of is password protected to keep out automated search engines. A cookie (small file) will be placed on your computer so that the address book will recognize you the next time you come back and you will not have to enter your password again. If you change computers or clear out your cookies, you will have to log in again. If you use a public computer to access this page simply click on "Clear Cookie" at the end of your session and the cookie will be cleared from the PC.

Username: oeth
Password: family

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